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Sunny's "Dog Long Days"

These days sure are long! Lots of sunshine hours means more play time! I like stopping by Riverside Treasures on my way to the river for a swim. Have you noticed all that furniture that's outside? There's even more inside! My mom is having a huge furniture sale and she is adding new items almost everyday. Don't worry-I don't sit on them, but they sure do look comfy! Sending Summer Love, Sunny Pup 🐕

Sunny's Summer Report

Sunny Pup reporting for Riverside Treasures! My summer has been going great- how's yours? Have you stopped by the store yet this summer? There's lots of new stuff and everything you need for your summer in the sun! I really like the hats and sunglasses, but there's a whole section on the website for Summer Selections. What could be easier? Peace and Love, Sunny Pup 🐕

TBT with Sunny

Sunny the Pup coming at you for another Throwback Thursday! I know there's no snow on the ground now, but sometimes I wish there was-I LOVE the snow! Did you know, I know a lot of sheep jokes too. A sheep dog says "I rounded up all 40 sheep" and the farmer says "What, we only have 37!". The sheep dog says "I know, I rounded them up". Woof Woof, Sunny 🐕

Sunny in the Safari!

Howdy, its Sunny! Have you been gardening in this nice weather? I like digging holes to lay in the dirt when its so hot out! When I'm at Riverside Treasures I like to lay in the tall grass and pretend I'm a lion in the safari. RAWR! Don't I look ferocious? Oh, by the way don't forget to check out all the cool flowers, planters, birdhouses and chimes for your garden! There's even more to explore in the store, come stop by soon. Woof Woof, Sunny 🐕

Share a laugh with Sunny

Sunny here! Who's ready for a laugh? What did the Dalmatian say as it scratched it's neck? Ahh, yeah that's the SPOT! Hehehe, Sunny the Pup 🐕

Sunny can read your future!

Sunny says your future is bright with lots of sun ahead! She's practicing with her "Tarot for Beginners" but there are so many levels and designs of tarot decks for you to look through at Riverside Treasures. You don't have to possess any special powers or abilities to read the cards-there's a guidebook included! Woof Woof, Sunny Pup 🐕

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