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Hi Everyone! Hope you're having a great weekend. My puppy pals and I have been keeping busy! Even though I'm still a puppy with lots of energy, my brother and sister are a little bit older than me. Sometimes they can get achy and their joints hurt. My mom helped them with some CBD oil and they were ready to play again! Guess it's not only for humans! Take a look at all of the different CBD products at the Riverside Treasures online shop! I did some research on CBD effectiveness in doggies, and here's some good reading... yes dogs can read too!

Stay Pawsome,

Sunny the Pup


My humans have been home so much more lately! I wonder why that is. Anyway, at least I get more cuddle time! I also get more play time and longer walks. It's been interesting watching what my parents do all day; looks like they really like shopping online at Riverside Treasures. Have you seen their Summer Selections and Father's Day Sale? PAWsome!

Sending Cuddles,

Sunny 🐕

Hi All, Sunny here! I have a lot on my mind these days and I can't wait to share my thoughts, adventures and inspirations with you. Come along on my journey at Riverside Treasures and I promise you'll have a fun time!

Did you hear about the dog who gave birth on the side of the road? She was ticketed for littering! :)

Stay cool,



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