Citrine Rough Cut

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Spiritual healing properties of true citrine are especially beneficial to people who are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to the energy and influence of others. Citrine (Yellow quartz) enhances the light around the body to provide protection to the aura.

How to use citrine:

Wear yellow citrine gemstone jewelry of any kind.
Wear true citrine gemstone earrings for improved clarity and greater spiritual vision.
Carry a yellow quartz crystal in a pocket, purse or wallet.
Wear a talisman made from a true yellow citrine crystal around the neck to bolster confidence and feel secure.
Use a citrine mala or prayer beads.
Place true citrine tumblestones in an area where the light reflects through them to clear away negative, unfriendly spirits, in keeping with citrine meaning.
Sprinkle true citrine elixir throughout an affected area or home to protect against the return of the negative spiritual energy.

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