Harmony Tea

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Our belief in plant medicine – combined with ancient healing traditions and our passion – go into every herbal product we make. From the seed to the shelf, our products are whole, nothing added, no caffeine.

Goddess Tea: Crafted to illuminate the essence of your exquisite soul. Nourishes & relaxes frayed nerves. Deep, rich, smooth & slightly sweet.

Tasting/Aroma Notes: tulsi, raspberry leaf, passionflower, lemon, goji berry, cinnamon, orange peel and rose petals.

Heart & Soul: Crafted to strengthen all matters of the heart: physical, emotional & spiritual. Loaded with Antioxidants & Super Berries. Rich, tart & slightly sweet.

Tasting/Aroma Notes: Hawthorn berry, goji berry, elder berry, raspberry, rose petals and hibiscus.

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