Heart Gemstone Necklace

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Genuine crystal gemstone necklace not only looks beautiful, but contains energy-healing power within! Chain is adjustable.


Tiger's Eye: The creativity stone. This stone aids and enhances one's creativity and confidence. It helps to bring balance and discipline.

Clear Quartz: The clarity stone. This stone dispels negativity and enhances positive energy. It is said to enhance spiritual growth and wisdom.

Amethyst: The wisdom stone. This stone is said to help the wearer attain wisdom. It aids with intuition and understanding.

Rose Quartz: The love and friendship stone. This stone calms and reassures. Aids with positive affirmations for self-trust and self-worth.

Sodalite: The purity stone. This stone frees the body from negative mental energies. It aids with self-expression and communication.

Obsidian: The protection stone. This stone protects against all negative energies. It enhances qualities of compassion and strength.

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