Heirloom-Inspired Bath Products

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Dot & Lil Heirloom-Inspired, finely crafted goods for bath, body and home. Our products have been made by hand in our Montreal Atelier since 2008. The things we make are inspired by great ladies of the past, the universe of flowers, and the beauty of tradition. Welcome to our little bath-obsessed family!

Rice Flower OR Lilac Flower Luxury Bath Milk Lait- add three tablespoons or more of Dot & Lil milk to your bath water for a Cleopatra-style luxury soak!

Epsom Salt & Flower Bath Salts- bergamot & rose petal scented. Add three tablespoons or more of Dot & Lil bath salts to your bath water for a moment of botanical relaxation surrounded by flower petals!

White Tea & Ginger Bubble Milk Lait Moussant- Add four tablespoons of bubble milk to he palm of your hand, then agitate directly under the running tap until it dissolves. A Cleopatra-style luxury soak surrounded by milky water and bubbles!


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