Om Rainbow Moonstone Point Necklace

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This Om rainbow moonstone point necklace comes with a silver chain and features a garnet gem. Lots of meaning within this necklace!

Om: The sound OM is a vibration from which all the manifest universe emanates. Form and creation come from vibration. OM is the most elemental of vibrations. It is the sound of the void. Frawley says: “Om is the prime mantra of the Higher Self or Atman. It attunes us with our true nature.

Rainbow Moonstone: Rainbow moonstone meaning is about deep spirituality and connection with inner self, and a good stone to promote inner balance in life. The properties of moonstone use for spiritual and physical healing.

Garnet: Garnet is a bright red, fiery crystal of passion and is thought to be one of the oldest crystals used for spiritual protection throughout history. Its name comes from the Latin granatum meaning pomegranate, due to how the crystal represents the seeds of this delicious fruit.


Measures 1.25"

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