Kunzite (8-10mm):  resonates with the heart chakra and crown chakra, kunzite is beneficial in aligning the energy of the mind with that of the heart. Emotions, feelings, and mindfulness are thus bestowed upon the wearer.


Labradorite (6-8mm): protect the aura by creating an energy barrier. This barrier holds personal energy in and provides protection from people who would drain or tap into that personal energy.


Howlite (8mm): accelerate metabolism and elimination and to heal various skin conditions. It purifies the blood and helps regenerate bodily tissues. It helps reduce pain and loosen the muscles.


Terahertz & Lapis (8mm): Terahertz is a good vitality booster as well that will revitalize and recharge your body. In fact, it also has healing energies that will strengthen the bones and teeth. Lapis lazuli healing properties reduce pain and inflammation. Migraine headache symptoms are quickly reduced by the healing properties of lapis lazuli, which support lapis lazuli meaning.


Rose Quartz (10mm): Promotes unconditional love, peace, and compassion. Inspires self-love. Promotes an attitude of Lovingkindness. Calms after traumatic events. Instills tenderness. Promotes mutual understanding. Adds spark to a romance and promote trust.


Rainbow Chakra: Each type of stone resonates with a slightly different energy pattern. The energy patterns of the different stones will relate more closely to the ideal energy pattern of one of your chakras, and its pure resonance can be used to help that chakra return to its ideal vibration or energy pattern.


Pink Opal (8-10mm): ensures a good functioning of the enzymes. He also prevents worm infestation. It is considered a healing stone for the digestive system, stimulates the glands of the gastric mucosa, inflammation and discomfort in this organ area are alleviated and the metabolism is set in motion.


Amethyst (8mm): Protects you against negative energies. Blocks electromagnetic stresses. Enhances motivation. Relieves energetic causes of insomnia. Enhance memory. Promotes positive dreams and aids in their interpretation.


Rosewood & Yoga (8mm): The scent of rosewood play a huge part in the healing properties it displays, which is released and awakened more with age. Its scent is used for nervousness, headaches, and frigidity. It also helps to boost the immune system because it calms the individual.


Carnelian: The carnelian would purify the blood and kidneys.This stone would get rid of blockades and would counteract pain due to diseases such as fever, neuralgia, infections and muscle pains.It would be linked to sexuality. It would increase fertility. Because of its red color, it is associated with menstruation and would relieve pains from it.


Black Tourmaline: Protects you against electromagnetic pollution and negative energy. Enhances grounding. Increases your physical energy. Banishes negativity and negative thoughts. Enhances positive thinking and creativity.

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