Ocean Jasper: a natural stone sourced from the USA. It is a protective stone used to align the energies of the entire body. It heals the emotions and enhances overall sense of well-being. Physically used to cleanse the body of toxins. 


Amber: Baltic Amber is a natural stone mainly found in the Russian shore of the Baltic Sea. It is the fossilized sap of ancient trees that has aged over millions of years. Due to its strong connection to Earth and Nature, it is excellent for grounding higher energies and casting out negativity. Physically it is used to ease joint pain. Amber is a good luck charm for love and marriage. 


Mookaite (oval and teardrop photos): Mookaite Jasper is a natural stone from Western Australia. It is said to aid decision making and to protect the wearer from dangerous situations. It reduces distractions, opening the mind to new possibilities and opportunities. 


Rhodocrosite (oval and teardrop photos): a natural stone from Argentina that increases self-confidence, compassion and personal expression. It is used to expand the consciousness and to overcome feelings of self-doubt and denial. Physically it is used to protect the major organs.


Black Star: a protection stone said to guard against stressful situations and bring the calm strength needed for clear decision making. It is also used to stimulate higher thought processes and promote strong communication skills.


Hematite: a natural stone from England. It is a grounding stone that balances energy and promotes clarity of thought. It is said to increase vitality, relieve tension and enhance overall wellbeing. 


Labradorite: a powerful stone for psychic protection. It reflects negativity away from you like a mirror. It also acts to stimulate your intuition and aids in the gift of psychic sight.

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