These sterling silver and gemstone Pendants or Artisan made and fair trade. The healing properties of each of the gemstones are below:

A rare stone that is beneficial for increasing awareness, intuition and understanding. It calms the nerves, eases emotions and can be used to bring inner peace while moving through change and major life transitions.

Hematite is a natural stone that balances energy and promotes clarity of thought. It’s good for grounding, increasing vitality, relieving tension and enhancing overall feelings of well-being.

Scolecite is said to open the heart and mind, bringing greater peace and understanding while opening the spirit up to gratitude and abundance. Use it when you need to feel a deeper connection and sense of purpose in life.

Fluorite is an excellent stone for healing. This stone clears, cleanses, purifies and re-organizes anything in the body that is not in perfect order. This is the best crystal for any kind of disorganization in your life. It helps to awaken suppressed feelings. Fluoride is useful to promote impartiality. This stone draws away negative energies, overcoming chaos.

Eudialyte is a personal power stone that increases and revitalizes personal power. It helps with clairaudience and is a physically protective stone. It’s good for healing the emotions and increasing vitality. It is a stone of dispelling jealousy, purification and reconciliation.

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