The Meditation & Relaxation Collection contains all you'll need to find your inner peace. Featuring chakra stones, a harmony candle, India Temple incense, lavender essential oil, an aromatherapy necklace and a scentanicals sachet.

Chakra Stones- chakras are the energy centers within each body. Represented by different colors and gemstones, the chakras create a harmonious flow of energy when in balance.

Harmony Candle- when lit this Reiki charged harmony candle will help restore your calm and strengthen your mediation

India Temple Incense- a very fine fragrance that matches and blends into human sense of scents. Emits less smoke into the room than other incenses and a portion of the proceeds go to needy children of India.

Lavender Essential Oil- 100% pure, 10mL

Aromatherapy Gemstone Pendant Necklace- Features an amethyst: the stone of transformation, spirituality, and dream recall. Used for meditation, common sense, and flexibility in decisions. Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities. Wear when sleeping or awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience, and nightmares.

Scentanicals Sachet- scented and blended dried botanicals help you relax and sleep more peacefully. A lavender blended fragrance and essential oils to soothe and calm.

The Meditation & Relaxation Collection

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