The Protection Collection contains everything you need to keep yourself safe from unwanted negative energies. The collection contains a complete smudge kit, an obsidian necklace, a protection candle, a folk fyre tonic and a black tourmaline crystal.


Smudge Kit- contains 7" white sage (salvia apiana), barred turkey feather, and abalone shell. White sage is considered a sacred herb for cleansing, purifying, protection, wisdom, and prosperity. Smudge kits are used to remove negative energy and can help disenfect a room. Afterwards, you're left with a purified spirit. Burn the white sage while catching the ashes in the abalone, and use the feather to disperse the smoke and combine the human aura, helping to restore balance. The process highlights the 4 elements- fire with lighting the sage, abalone from water, feather disperses smoke in the air, and the ash returns to the earth.

Obsidian Necklace- The Protection Stone. This stone protects against all negative energies. It enhances qualities of compassion and strength.

Protection Candle- Use this Reiki Charged Protection candle Protection Reiki in the bedroom to protect from nightmares, use to keep away negative energy from others or use with other votives to protect the intention of that specific votive.

Folk Fyre- Try a little "kick to the face" with this folk fyre raw apple cider vinegar tonic and herbal supplement. Filled with healing herbs and spices this is meant to help your immune system.

Black Tourmaline Crystal- Protects you against electromagnetic pollution and negative energy. Enhances grounding. Increases your physical energy. Banishes negativity and negative thoughts. Enhances positive thinking and creativity.

The Protection Collection

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