Small Beaded Gemstone Bracelet

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Dendric Agate (4mm): brings fullness and abundance to all areas of life. It is the stone of plenitude. It creates a peaceful environment and encourages the enjoyment of each moment. Deepens your connection to nature.


Hematite (4mm): excellent mineral for tissue regeneration, kidney and ailments, like anaemia. It also has a calming and soothing effect against inflammation, anxiety, nervous tension, and insomnia.


Amethyst (4mm): Protects you against negative energies. Blocks electromagnetic stresses. Enhances motivation. Relieves energetic causes of insomnia. Enhance memory. Promotes positive dreams and aids in their interpretation.


Rose Quartz (4mm): Calming and bringing peace, Healing a broken heart,​ Attracting love and loving relationships, Changing negative energy into loving energy, Soothing a mid-life crisis, Strengthening empathy and sensitivity, Promoting compassion


Quartz & Black Tourmaline (4mm): Protects you against electromagnetic pollution and negative energy. Enhances grounding. Increases your physical energy. Banishes negativity and negative thoughts. Enhances positive thinking and creativity.


Dummortierite (4mm): instil a positive attitude to life and encourage optimism in thought and life in general. It is also said to increase self confidence and assertiveness. It is a highly spiritual stone and believed to facilitate communication with your spirit guides/angels.


Petersite (4mm): inspires the physical body of the wearer by bestowing him energy and strength. It is a stone for healing nervous system as it is useful for invigorating and strengthening the brain and nerves.


Copper Rutillated Quartz (6mm): By cleansing and recharging all chakras, the Rutilated Quartz crystal meaning is associated with its powerful cleansing and purifying effects. It consists of clear Quartz, a big time energy conductor and magnifier, making it a popular healing tool and the multi-vitamin of crystal healing medicine.


Pyrite (4mm): good for the treatment of blood disorders, bone disorders, viruses, fungal infections and skin disorders. Pyrite may help reduce inflammation and fevers. It also enhances blood oxygenation and can improve your circulatory, endocrine and respiratory system.


Blue Labradorite (4mm): strongly associated to respiratory and circulation health. This stone is often used as a part of alternative healing to cure health conditions related to lungs, throat, digestion and metabolism.


Kambaba Jasper (4mm): a stone of spiritual confidence, drawing upon the wisdom of ancestral energies held within its crystal layers to align the inner peace inherent in one’s nature. It encourages happiness and activates the ability to attract prosperity and abundance to one’s life.

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