Sterling Silver Gemstone Pendant 27.99

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These artisan made, fair trade pendants are created from Sterling Silver and genuine gemstones.

Amethyst: the stone of transformation, spirituality and dream recall. Used for meditation. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions. Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities. Wear when sleeping or awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience, and nightmares.

Shiva Eye:  known as the Door of the Soul; the shiva's eye is the protective covering at the opening of the Turban Snail's shell that falls off to the seabed near the end of a snail's life. It is said to be a protective stone that opens the mind, promotes self-awareness and enhances personal expression.

Epidote: a strong purificator of the astral body and auras. It promotes perception, strengthens interaction with other people, and increases social awareness. Epidote promotes patience. It has a tendency to increase anything it touches. It is a stone that enhances emotional and spiritual growth.

Black Obsidian: a natural stone sourced primarily from Canada. It is considered a protective stone and is used to remove negative energies. It is also believed to help with manifesting goals. Physically it is said to strengthen the stomach and intestines.

Mushroom Jasper: Historically worn by shamans and priests from many ancient civilizations, Mushroom Jasper is considered a sacred and powerful protection stone both physically and spiritually. It provides security and promotes inner strength. East stone Mushroom Jasper is a wonderful connection to the earth and all its inhabitants.

Mookaite: said to aid decision making and to protect the wearer from dangerous situations. It reduces distractions, opening the mind to new possibilities and opportunities.

Amber: Baltic Amber is a natural stone mainly found in Russia's Baltic Sea. It is the fossilized sap of ancient trees that has aged over millions of years. Due to its strong connection to Earth and Nature, it is excellent for grounding higher energies and casting out negativity. Physically it is used to ease joint pain. Amber is a good luck charm for love and marraige.

Petrified Wood: a stone of transformation. It helps to feel safe and secure. Petrified Wood assists in setting a pace and staying with that pace all day long. It is useful for bringing patience and to launch new goals. Petrified wood is a wonderful grounding stone. It helps calm scattered energies.

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