What Color is Your Slipcover?

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Decorate your home so that it expresses your personality, suits your lifestyle, and nourishes your spirit. Too many people design the interiors of their homes based on what they see in magazines, what they think will impress others, or what an interior decorator recommends. As a result, Denny Daikeler explains, they wind up with living quarters that don't suit them - in which they can never truly be happy. In this unique book, this gifted designer shows you how to design a living space that is created especially for you - a home that will become your sanctuary in the world. Using a remarkable series of exercises she has developed working with numerous clients and her design students, Daikeler helps you to: - Discover how your choice of a favorite household object is profoundly connected to your inner being - Understand how a carefully thought out living space can heal you emotionally and physically -- Learn about the support that environment can give to relationships, work, and play - Discover your own inner blueprint and develop your personal style An invigorating mix of feng shui and The Artist's Way , What Color Is Your Slipcover? Introduces a soulful approach to interior design that will enable you to create a home that is at once a refuge from stress, a place to fulfill your creative and spiritual needs, and a deeply satisfying source of beauty and comfort.

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